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Lavinso — Perfect shining white smile

Just 30 days for results

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Perfect shining white smile

If you want whitening of teeth with coffee stains or other problems that spoil the appearance of your teeth, you need Lavinso LLC charcoal whitening powder. Forget about horrible yellow or gray teeth. You’ll get white and healthy smile with our teeth whitening charcoal powder.

Natural and safe

We use only natural components from the purest sources for Lavinso LLC teeth whitening for sensitive teeth. Our gum health products are effective and absolutely safe for you and your family. No chemicals or dangerous substances.

Made in USA.

Just 30 days for results

Use LLC charcoal powder natural daily for 30 days to get results. Your teeth will be stronger, healthier, whiter and your breath fresher.

Our stain removal for teeth comes in a large volume – 2 oz (59 ml). The jar lasts for 4-5 months. Great price for a large economical package.

For delicate and sensitive teeth

The special formula of our organic tooth powder, with coconut activated charcoal and bentonite clay, makes this hygienic and suitable for delicate and sensitive teeth. The best natural tooth powder for the whole family.

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